Early release

Jag had a good visit to DU and said he liked the school a lot. It’d be a great place for him to go to school. Tuition is $56,000 a year but they offer scholarships up to $26,000. Anyhow he had a great time and enjoyed it a bunch. I think he tours CU (University of Colorado) sometime soon too.

Today he has early release meaning he’s out at 12:20. Ty has late start at 9:30 so my day is up in the air. The trash guy comes today so I can get rid of a bunch of bags in the garage and keep cleaning it out. I talked with Robi briefly yesterday and she and Robert are doing well. I guess they’re headed back east in June and looking forward to going to Hawaii this fall. It sure is nice there and we’re supposed to go back in June but we were talking last night about going to Yellowstone or My. Rushmore or someplace around here instead. I guess you can rent motorhomes by the week and it’d sure be a whole lot cheaper and something new and fun for us. We’d need to get Grandma Dixie to go with us as she’s quite the experienced “motorhomer”  or whatever you call someone who spent years in one, from her and Don’s years of crisscrossing the Country in their motorhome!

Ty was working all night long on his schoolwork getting caught up from missing three days last week. I went to meet him at school and meet which each of his teachers. His two concussions made him miss some work about a month ago so I wanted to make sure that didn’t affect his grades. I’ll go by again this afternoon to make sure we’re on track.

Jag starts volleyball today and is still undecided on baseball. The baseball coach, who works at the hospital, is lobbying Lori hard every day as he really wants Jag on the team. We’re leaving it up to him but he does need to make a decision one way or another.

That’s it, it’s warming up up here. Lori leaves tomorrow and we have lots going on while she’s gone. Hope everyone is doing well, take care, have a great day and God Bless.

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