Yes, it snowed

We have snow, not a whole lot, but snow. It’s also colder out but that’s ok as we need the moisture. I guess there’s already counties with high levels of fire danger in the southeast part of the State. The good thing about Colorado is the weather changes every day or so.

We made it down to the storage units with a big load from the garage. Both boys came along to help which made the work go fast. I talked to Tom yesterday briefly which is the first time I’ve spoken with him since sometime around Mom’s birthday. It seems all the homeowners that own ditch rights want to bury some kind of pipe so they don’t have to clean it out every year up at Moms house. He texted me the guys name so I called him. I don’t know why they now need to bury a pipe when everyone has just been cleaning it every year for like 50 years. Anyhow I’ll meet with the other homeowners that hold water rights I think this weekend to see what’s going on as we need to know more about the ditch rights anyhow. I guess Tom and Ali are doing well although we only talked for a couple minutes about the ditch. Hope the rest of you all are doing well too. Sorry we’ve been out of touch with everyone but we’ve been super busy as usual.

I think Jag starts volleyball today after school. We think he’s doing that instead of baseball this year. We told him it’s his choice although he’s really good at baseball. He has so much going on though we don’t want to push him into it. Baseball is 6 days a week from 3:45 until 6 and basketball starts up again in June. He is also working out with a trainer a few times a week from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Ty too is busy with lots of school work. He needs to get in the groove as 9th grade is a whole new ball game.

Guess it’ll be below zero tonight. Wish we lived in Arizona in the winter with Robi and Robert! Seems much warmer down there, ha! Time to run as it’s almost 7. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care, GB.

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