Right now it’s really sunny outside but they say around 3 this afternoon, the white stuff is coming back. Should snow until early tomorrow morning before it justs turns cold until Tuesday am. Then the warm up will start reaching the mid 50’s by Wednesday. It doesn’t look like a big storm, just a few inches here or there. Oh well, life in the mountains.

I guess the Oscars are tonight and the movement of the day is Time Up. This is I think related to gun control. Guess they got tired of the Me Too movement as it turned out to be mostly about them, meaning the celebrities. I don’t know how people don’t understand that the recent shooting was a result of failure on dozens of levels that have nothing to do with guns! The police were called and warned no less than 47 times on the guy, the FBI was warned multiple times, he posted on social media what he was going to do and on and on. Yet here we have our poor misguided celebs trying to shift the focus off of their decades long entitled lewd behavior to guns. And of course, the general public is just stupid enough to go along with it. Look I don’t mind universal background checks or raising the age limit to buy a gun but banning guns is against the 2nd Amendment and won’t do anything except take them away from law abiding citizens. If you think I’m wrong, just look at history. It’s easy to lose some rights but almost impossible to get them back. Be careful what you wish for! One thing’s for sure, all this is causing a huge spike in gun sales as the same people that want to ban them are buying one before they can’t, ha.

Oh by the way, last night we heard about four gunshots outside. Apparently there was a mountain lion menacing some neighbors and pets. Lucky the resident had a gun!

We don’t watch awards shows anymore anyhow. It’s just so hypocritical that these celebs pretend to be one of us while sitting in their multi million dollar mansions with their private security who, you guessed it, have guns! Oh well back to our life.

Both boys are still sleeping. Ty was on the mountain all day long while Jag slept for a good 4 hours yesterday afternoon. He must have needed the sleep. I think Lori and I are headed down to the storage units today to reorganize them a bit so we can cram some more stuff in to it. We have lots to throw out but the dump isn’t open today. Ty with Lori’s help, cleaned his room yesterday including his closet. We need to get a handle on this mess so we can get the rest of the stuff out of my Moms house. Not sure when we can put the house on the market but we need to get our stuff out by the end of the month, weather permitting.

April will be here before you know it, then Memorial Day and then summer. Time to get moving, have a great day, GB.

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