364 Miles

Yea, it’s Saturday! It’s 7 am and everyone is sleeping including Mojo. I was up until about 12:30 as I had to run down to the highway to meet the bus to pick up Jag at 11:30. The team drove 364 miles yesterday to go play Rangely. Unfortunately they lost by 5 points. Jag didn’t play much as his head was hurting him a bit. He thinks he’ll be better today. We have two games today starting at 4:30 but thankfully they’re here at home.

We had a brutal home invasion here in the valley two days ago where two kids (a guy and a girl, ages 23 and 24) came up from Denver and took Uber to a gated community, hopped the fence and robbed and killed a 74 year old woman. On top of this, it was right next door to one of the surgeons at Lori’s clinic. In fact is was the doctor who fixed her shoulder who I’ve spoke about several times. I’m telling you this so everyone understands that there is potential danger and criminals everywhere. They’ll seem nice, like these two who fooled an Uber driver and apparently others. Sadly these days you must first look at everyone as a potential threat. Too bad the World has ended up this way but better safe than sorry. I’ve subscribed to this view of people for a long time and rarely let my guard down. Be safe! If it can happen up here, it can happen anywhere.

The Senior Bowl is on today which probably means nothing to everyone except Tom and I. The top college prospects for the NFL are playing and it’s a good chance to see next years draft picks for our team. For Tommy and I, there really is no down season for football. It’s one of our passions and right now we’re in draft mode waiting for the NFL Draft around the end of April.

We’re off to the gym as soon as Lori wakes up. Her head was better after working out and our trainer said she has a really tight trap muscle on one side. We have to figure out how to get this calmed down. Then we’ll clean up around here before the aforementioned football game and then we’re off to Jag’s two games. His basketball season is over in about another week and then the week after he’s off to China!

Have a great day, take care, be safe and go through life with a purpose. God Bless.

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