Might have been a bear!

The general consensus here is that it was a bear trying to get into my truck and that’s what broke my window. I didn’t have any food in the car but that doesn’t mean that a bear wouldn’t bust in. In any case, it’s all fixed now. The drive down to Denver was like sitting next to a jet engine for almost 2 hours. I used saran wrap on the window at Lori’s suggestion and the wind at 70 miles an hour, flapping against the saran wrap, caused a loud noise that was almost deafening. At times I found myself driving with one hand and plugging my right ear with the other.

Then it was back up the hill as we had lots going on. Both boys are going to school early today and both will stay late for basketball. It’s just another day of getting up early. I don’t know why we even try to sleep in as it’s just not going to happen. I think the only way we’re going to get some extra sleep is to go to bed earlier. Now I know why old people take naps, ha!

I have a meeting with a distributor this morning at 10 am. Then I’m dropping by to see my buddy Toby who took a new job starting November 1st. Winter is coming as you can feel it in the air. We were all driving down valley last night around dusk and in a meadow about 9000 feet, we ran into a herd of about 100 elk They were grazing away on high alpine grass trying to store up as much fat as possible before the snow comes. Lori took a few pictures but I don’t have them on my computer today.

The wind is bad in Sacramento at Grandma Dixie’s house but so far, no fires. I guess there’s lots and lots of people though in make shift shelters as most of them had to leave their homes in Napa and Sonoma with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Hard to imagine that everything you own is gone in a matter of minutes. Be thankful that you have what you have and most of all that you’re safe and healthy. Not much else matters, right? Oh well, time to get moving, oh, Mojo ate some shoes yesterday, ugh, have a great day and God Bless.


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