This morning I’m off to Denver as yesterday afternoon I noticed the front passenger window on my truck was shattered! The only place that can fix it today is out by the airportĀ  in Denver so off I’ll go about 7 am. Should be a brisk drive down with no window in the 20 degree temps.

Jagger has his PSAT test today as it’s National Test Day where all kids across the country take the SAT tests. At his school the 10th grade gets to take it as a practice test. Of course he’s all amped up for it as he’s driven to do well on every single test he takes. I told him it’s just practice and there’s no way to study for it, but you know Jag. He was the only kid to get 100 on his Algebra II/Trig test yesterday, of course. Meanwhile Ty was doing some make-up work from being gone last week.

I need to get the boys their ski passes soon and also have to send the accountant our tax info today as they’re due next Monday, ugh. I can only imagine what we owe but it doesn’t really matter as we’ll just add it to the total and keep making our monthly payments. I don’t mind paying taxes, (well actually I do but what can you do about it, ha) if they’d just make good use of them, which sadly, the govt. can’t seem to do. Oh well, above my pay grade.

Lori is working away saving peoples lives who are debilitated with back problems. If you’ve ever had a real back problem, you know what I mean. In any case, it’s just another day at the office for her.

I almost forgot, the old man who nobody knew who stood up at the end of Mom’s service last week to speak about her and dad and than sang, called yesterday and invited Lori and I to an event this weekend for the U.S. Ski Team Hall of Fame or something like that. He’s being honored for something and wants us to join him at his table. I of course accepted as it took special effort for him to show up at Mom’s service. He’s also quite the renowned attorney which is how he knew dad, and an interesting person so we’re going. Hope it’s fun.

That’s it, have a great day, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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