Tax Day, ugh

Monday is tax day but last night our accountant filed our taxes electronically in Colorado, California, New York, Arizona and both our Federal return for my business and our personal return. In the end, after paying about $80,000 in taxes during the year, we owe exactly $20,200. This is $190 to Arizona and $20, 010 to the Feds. Now you’d think with that kind of tax bill we make a whole bunch of money. Well think again Sherlock, you see when you own a Company or shares of a Company, you have to pay taxes on the profits of the Company even if those profits are not distributed to you, meaning no one gives you any cash, which is exactly what happens in our case. Oh well, it’s our system and is still the greatest Country in the World, despite any faults.

I’m off to Boulder today and then Longmont. Both boys stayed late for basketball and will again tonight. Then it’s the weekend, yeah! The first ski area in Colorado opens today at 9 am. It’s now 6:15 and I need to get moving so time to run. Not much else going on. Hope everyone is doing well. GB

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