Snow’s a comin

Tonight into tomorrow, the white stuff is supposed to arrive. Not sure how much we’ll get up here but Denver is in an uproar expecting around 6 inches. Now up here, 6 inches is a dusting but down there in the flat land, it’s a big deal!

I made it down to Denver yesterday morning and visited with Robin and Robert before taking them to the airport for their flight home. It was great to see them both. In many ways, the past 4 or 5 days have been surreal. It was sort of like a movie but at least for me, the week gave me some closure. It wasn’t just the service but the conversations with everyone about Mom and our relationships and life in general, that helped out. There’s still a lot of grieving individually, but it’s now out in the open and each of us can now deal with our feelings in our own way. I have some new pictures of Mom I found but I’m going to save those for special occasions, (wait until you see Halloween!) as we all need to move on. It doesn’t mean we’re going to forget about her or stop loving her, but does mean that all of us need to soldier on with our own lives and move forward, and trust me, this is what Mom would want.

So, last night was Homecoming for VMS. Lots of parents told us how happy everyone was that Jag was back. There’s one kid though who is not too thrilled as Jag pulls a lot of attention away from him. The kid is basically a dick who is insecure and trying to be a big shot to get attention. We all know this type of kid as there was always one in school for each of us. This too will pass but is unfortunate. I told Lori though, she and I went through a lot worse in school when we were kids, it’s just part of life.

Meanwhile Ty’s friend from grade school is up here for a soccer tournament and spent the night. First up they went swimming and Ty showed him around town.

Right now it’s 7:15 and Lori needs to get ready to go to the hospital for her second and last day of training. She was done around 2 yesterday afternoon and hopefully will get out early today as well.  I think I’ll try to clean up the garage a bit before football starts. The Broncos don’t play this weekend but we’re already excited and planning our trip to Denver next Sunday for a nationally televised game against the New York Giants Sunday night. Jag and his buddy Ethan and his dad and I are going. It’ll be fun but we’ll get home around midnight, ugh.

Time to get moving, guess I’ll take Mojo up the hill for a long walk as he likes his morning mountain climbs. In closing, just a quick thought. Turn off the tv news, it’s all bullshit and political and most all organizations have gone from reporting things to espousing their own views and agenda and trying to get you to believe that, “if it’s on tv, it must be true”. We can’t even stand to watch late night tv anymore as shows like Kimmel or Fallon are all just anti-Trump and are designed to further divide us as a Country. Trust me, no matter what you believe or which side of the political spectrum you’re on, you should not be getting your “facts” and advice from late night comics. Think for yourself and don’t believe something just because it’s on tv. God Bless and have a great day.

Here’s an oldy but goody at Grandma’s on the swing!

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