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Life, that is, it continues on no matter what happens. Whether a natural disaster, a mass shooting or the loss of a loved one, life goes on. So in the tradition of moving forward, we rise for yet another glorious day. Each and every day should be appreciated and cherished as with the blink of an eye, it could be gone. Petty arguments and qualities of the devil such as jealousy, ego, pride, selfishness, and more should be discarded with prejudice as they do nothing but cloud judgement and waste precious seconds each of us have, that could be spent loving one another. That’s the sermon for the day, I think I channeled Mom there for a moment. Speaking of Mom, as I was surfing through my voice mails yesterday, and I realized I have about a dozen from Mom! I was thrilled to find these and “undeleted” all of them on my phone and now have them in a safe place where I can listen to them over and over. Might be a little strange but it’s comforting to know I can listen to Moms voice from time to time, oh well, call me weird, ha.

Lori and I took the boys down to Denver with us yesterday for a quick trip. Yes they missed school but it was good for us to be together as a family. Today Lori has an all day training at the hospital on a new system and Ty and I will head back down to see Robin and Robert before they leave. I also need to see James to finalize and agreement with him to do some work around the house. Tasha should be home by now and carried a statue of a rooster the whole way on her lap! It was in the kitchen and was a reminder of Grandma for her. In a few weeks, I think Derek is coming up to take any furniture left over that is still in the house. I’m so glad it will be used and cherished. At the reception, Robins BFF from when we were young, let us know she does estate sales. I told her we’re ok but thanks anyhow as she offered to help. There’s no amount of money that would make us feel ok about having strangers go through our house and our Mom’s things. Not gonna happen!

One quick shout out from the reception. Tommy’s close friend forever, Eric, spent a lot of time with the boys. We’ve known him for years too and he’s a great guy. The boys met him at the church and Eric, who is a bit of a funny guy, took right to the boys. After the service (Eric told me this story at the reception) as he was driving by the boys in the parking lot, he yelled out his window to Jagger, “Dude, your fly is down” just to mess with him. Jagger being as smart and together as he is, looked straight at him and replied right back, without checking his fly! ” Ah dude, no it’s not”! Now you have to hear it in person to get the voice inflections but we all laughed nonstop and still laugh even today when we think about it. Here’s a 55ish year old man trying to pull one over on a 15 year old who doesn’t fall for it and throws it right back in his face, too funny. At the reception, Ty told us Eric taught them yet another valuable life lesson. He said he always carries a napkin in his pocket so when a waitress comes by, he can drop it and then say to her, “oh here I’ll hold your tray” so she can pick it up and then he can look at her ass! Now this was funny but what was even funnier was when he said, watch. The waitress walked over and Eric being Eric, dropped a napkin from his pocket with precision right in front of her so she could see it. He then with perfect timing said, “oh here let me hold your tray” and stuck his hands out and of course she handed him the tray and proceeded to bend over and expose her backside. The boys of course were trying to contain their laughter as it went just as he said it would. Another “Ericism” we’re still laughing about that made the day fun.

That’s it for the day. I have a bunch of picture books to go through to find some new ones to post. Hope everyone is doing well, it snowed yesterday but is all gone now and will be warm today and tomorrow before snow on Monday. As I said, life, and yes the weather, goes on! Take care and God Bless.


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