No Snow!

What? The weatherman was wrong, no, say it ain’t so. So, no one should really be surprised as they’re right only about half the time, if that. That’s ok with us as we have a big week and lots to do and are just fine waiting a few weeks before we get hit.

Well today’s a month since Mom passed. Life goes fast. it’s also my good friend Harry’s birthday as well as John Lennon’s. Hard to believe there’s a little more than 80 days left in the year. It’s also Columbus Day. I think the far left is planning on defacing a number of historical statues today, nice.

Lori had her last day of training yesterday which was no fun. After running out in the morning for groceries, I cleaned and washed clothes for most of the day until she came home around 2 in the afternoon. I also winterized the air conditioner and double checked the cars. And then of course as I said earlier, no snow, ha.

That’s it for today, time to get ready for the gym. Have a great day and may God Bless you all.


UPDATE: It started snowing at 6:10 when we left for the gym and is now coming down pretty good!

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