Strange Days

Lots going on, needless to say. Yesterday was busy with my church meeting and getting things written, printed and boxed up for tomorrow. The weather was mixed with snow in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Fittingly, tomorrow will be the nicest day of the week. I feel pretty good about everything although I’m sure something will come up that needs to be fixed, and then I’ll fix it.

Tonight the Rockies play their Wild Card game. Whoever wins goes on to face the Dodgers and the loser goes home. The facts are still coming out in the Vegas tragedy but it almost wasn’t even over before the Dems were going after guns. When there’s a bombing, we blame the bomber, when a drunk driver causes an accident, we blame the drunk driver but when there’s a shooting, we blame the gun. Doesn’t make much sense. Not that anti gunners pay any attention to facts but since 1994, gun ownership is up 56% and gun fatalities are down 49%. Facts are inconvenient though if they don’t further your argument. Mental health is where we need more focus. You had a CBS Executive get fired yesterday for saying she had no sympathy for the victims as they were all right wing, gun totting republicans. What is the World coming to? I have to stop now as there’s more going on in our little corner of the World.

Dixie is apparently doing better. Tasha made it to town yesterday and Robin and Robert arrive today. Len and Deb also get in tonight. When I arrived home, I snapped while looking at the mess and powered out on the downstairs and cleaned everything up. It’s a much nicer feeling when things are clean around here. I’d better get moving as Lori and I are going to the gym. Hope everyone is well and we’ll talk to you all tomorrow. God Bless.

Here’s mommy as a little girl, she sure was cute!

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