A Day of Celebration

Today is Mom’s service. One thing she wanted, was this to be a happy day of celebration rather than one of sadness. It’s been a long 26 days since she rose to heaven and I’m sure she’s doing well.

We’ll leave around 7 this morning as Lori needs to get her hair done and Jag and I need to buy a couple of ties. Then we’ll all go change at my Moms where Robin and Robert are staying. The service is at 3 and then we’re having a reception at 240 Union. It’s hard to tell how many people will be there as it could be 25 or 75. Most of Moms friends of course are older so it’s more difficult for them to make it. In any case, whether 10 or 100, it’ll be a nice service for Mom.

Mojo is at doggie day care as we didn’t want to leave him alone for 12 or more hours in the house. We’ll all drive up tonight, arriving home sometime around 9 or so. That’s it people, have a great day and if you remember, say a prayer around 3 pm MST, God Bless.

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