Warming up, a little

Things are frosty or frozen outside, but it’s supposed to warm up. Early this morning I’m off to the big city to pick up Jagger’s suit, try to get the program sorted out and then meet with the church at noon. I need to be back up to get the boys from school so lots to do. I also need to have a photo enlarged so we have something for the service. Every time I turn around there’s something else to do. I wrote a little welcome speech but am not sure if I can get through it. I figure if I’m having trouble here at home, I’ll probably have a lot of trouble at the service, ha. I’ll get through it somehow as it is what it is and you do what you have to do.

Grandma Dixie who was at the doctor yesterday received a call from the doctors office last night telling her that her x-rays showed she had a aortic aneurysm in her heart and to immediately call 911! So she did and was at the hospital until about midnight when they finally sent her home as the CT scan thankfully showed she was clear, phew. That would be no good!

On top of things, our internet and phones were out all morning until 3 pm yesterday which meant I could not do anything! I was completely off the grid so I decided to just go to the gym. Our house is a mess as we just have too much stuff everywhere.

Tom Petty died last night after a heart attack! He just finished up a tour last week and was 66 years old, what a shame. It’s almost 6:30 so I’d better get moving. Tasha arrives today and Robin and Robert tomorrow. We’re headed down early Thursday morning and will drive back up that night. Lori has her mandatory training on a new system this Saturday and Sunday so she won’t be getting any kind of break. We both still need just one night of sleep uninterrupted. Not sure when that’ll happen, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Sorry to hear about Grandma Dixie, glad she’s ok! I will read the Welcome Speech for you if you’d like. Again, thanks to both you and Tommy for all the work you have put into this. I know it will be beautiful and perfect!

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