We need a cow!

It’s nice and cool outside which is always welcome in the morning. Time for Lori and I to pick up after the boys nightly trashing of the kitchen. We went to dinner around 6 pm yet they both end up cooking something around 9 or 10 every evening. Last night it was rice and pot stickers. On top of that, we’re out of milk, again. We normally buy our milk at Costco which comes in 3 half gallon cartons to a box, and the boys go through that in just about a day. Lori and I only use milk in our coffee. They’ve stepped up their normal consumption from a gallon a day to about a gallon and a half a day. We’d buy more when we go but have no room in the fridge for it. So, like I said, we need our own cow!

Not sure what we’re doing today, Lori suggested rafting or tubing but that probably wouldn’t be a good idea with her neck. Maybe we’ll go shooting or zip lining. The boys will go bike riding for sure, maybe Lori and I will join them. I’m in Denver Tuesday and Wednesday and we thought about going today but Jag has a haircut at 1:30 at the Four Seasons. Right now I need another cup of coffee so time to go. Oh, our friends little 8 year old from Pueblo where we were last week, won the gold medal in the mutton bustin competition at the rodeo Friday night! For those of you that don’t know, this is where kids ride a sheep! Congrats to her, have a great day and God Bless.

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