July 31st!

Today is the last day of July. That means we have 5 months left in 2017, wow! In the next 150 days we’ll have Labor Day, Halloween (time to start thinking about your costume!), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, a bunch of birthdays and a whole lot of football! Throw in some snow and various school activities along with hunting season, (big game and birds) and we’re going to be busy.

School starts in about 18 days and that in itself requires a big change in our daily routine. This week Lori has a lot going on for the first few days and then Dr. C is off to Hawaii Wednesday afternoon for a week or so. She has a lot to do but gets a mini break when he’s gone.

I’m in Denver tomorrow, probably Wednesday and for sure Friday morning for a sales meeting. On Saturday we’re in Aspen as the kids are part of an annual bicycle scavenger hunt around town and then on Sunday, Aunt Robi and Uncle Robert come to town, whoo hoo! And don’t forget, Thursday night is the first NFL football game of the season so it’s a busy week too.

Yesterday the boys went to town as Jag had a haircut appointment and then they rode up the ski hill, and coming down, Ty went over his handlebars. He’s ok, just a little sore, but we did have to take the truck and drive into town to pick him up. I’m hoping on Thursday, the boys and I can drive over to Buena Vista to the 1000 yard rifle range to do some shooting. Mojo is fine and having his morning nap after breakfast. I think Lori took her coffee and went back to bed for a few minutes and of course, both boys are sleeping away. It’s almost 7 am so time to get moving, have a great day and God Bless.

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