Rain glorious rain

It rained most of the night and is still coming down, nothing hard, just a nice good steady rain. Some people don’t like the rain but I do. It’ll stop early next week which is good as we’re going shooting over in Buena Vista next week. Time to sight in the rifles for hunting season.

Today, not sure what we’re doing. I guess we’ll skip the Aspen Blow Party as it’ll be pretty muddy over there. It is set in one of the prettiest places on earth though. Both boys rode their bikes into Vail last night around 6:30 and before you knew it, it was getting dark. They were planning on riding home in the dark but they have no lights and have to ride for a little bit on Hwy 24 between Minturn and Leadville. So being the protective dad I am, I jumped in the car and drove to Vail to pick them up. Jag was insistent he could see in the dark and would have been fine while Ty thanked me for coming and getting him as it was dark and about 9 pm. Jag has this thing where he always has to be right! He gets that as 95% of the time, he usually is but I told him, just say thanks for coming and getting us, and that we’re not mad, but just didn’t want them riding in the dark as sometimes people can’t see at night. Anyhow we all made it home safe and we’re glad they ride their bikes so much as they need the exercise.

Lori’s turned the corner and is feeling better. It takes a lot longer to kick a cold when you get older, ha. We did clean our room a bit and have a big bag of clothes we’re donating. I’m sure we’ll clean some more today as we just don’t have enough closet space. While we have more summer to come, fall is approaching. Time sure flies. I was going back and forth with Robin and talking with my Mom about my post of having a cabin on the ranch. Not sure if it’s feasible but it sure would be nice to have a place that all of us could go use whenever we want to get out of the city. The way things are going, (the economy, North Korea firing ICBM’s, the political divide in our Country, drought, etc.) it’s probably a really good idea to have some sort of retreat or place where we can all go that’s away from the city if necessary. I’ll keep trying to see what I can get done for all of us.

Guess I’ll run, have a great weekend and God Bless.

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