Mojo doing better

Finally around 4 in the afternoon, Jag and I picked up Mojo. They still don’t know what he got in to but he seems to be doing better. $175 in medicine later, we all headed home. He is now on antibiotics for a week.

It rained most of the night which is nice. Lori came home a little early, like 4 pm, to get some rest. She’s supposed to work out at 7 this morning but I’ll have to take her slot as her body is still too worn out to go through a high intensity workout. Hopefully today she’ll finally turn the corner. Not sure if we’ll make it to Aspen tomorrow or not for the party as we need to get Lori feeling better. If it was up to me, I’d bag out but our friends are really nice and we should put in an appearance, we’ll know more tomorrow.

Jag, Ty and Jack have been having fun. Ty and Jack rode bikes into town yesterday and walked around the village. I need to get both boys school supplies soon before the time gets away from me. Jack will probably go home tomorrow. It’ll be mid August before you know it, then I’m hunting over Labor Day and then, well you know, fall and the holidays are here and soon it’ll be 2018. That’s how things go when you get older, time flies!

Have a good day, be safe and GB

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