Bronco’s training camp starts today

Whoo hoo, football starts today! The first game is like a week or so away and even though it’s pre-season, we can’t wait.

Mojo is feeling better but Lori stayed home yesterday. She seems a little better but we are skipping the party in Aspen tonight. Hopefully she’s turned the corner. I’m taking Jack home today with the boys as we’ll go to Target for school supplies while down there.

I just noticed Robi’s comment from the other day, we’re looking forward to seeing her and Robert soon. She commented on the cabin post at the ranch and we’d love to somehow have a big family place for everyone to use. As far as retiring up there, that’s not really practical as the winters are far too rough, but it’d be great to have a big place where all of us go from time to time kind of like the cabin in Shawano on the lake when we were kids. It’s still a dream though as it’s not cheap but we should talk when you get here. The winter was so bad last year, the antelope couldn’t even make it through the snow and they had to walk right down the highway! In any case, after the bad fires 2 years ago, thing’s are starting to come back a bit and we also had an oil spill that I oversaw the cleanup of with the State that’s finally all fixed. We’ve fixed up the windmills and fencing and corrals though and we’re letting a few cows in from the neighbors to keep the grasses in check. It is still way out there in the middle of nowhere though and is hard country, but we love it. Someday hopefully the boys will spend more time there than I did as even though it’s tough, it’s a special place. There is no more land people, and we’re lucky to have it. I’m over there in the next few days and will take some pictures and post them. I’ll also be hunting there in October and November as usual.

The boys slept downstairs last night as I turned the tv off around 5am. It’s really nice up here and is in the 50’s or 60’s right now. It’s almost 7am so time to get moving, hope all’s well, take care and again, God Bless!

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  1. Robi says:

    I didn’t mean to go live at the ranch, I meant to go in the summers when its so hot here. I don’t do snow – HA! I know mom and dad were in the works of building before dad got sick. I too think it would be cool to have a reunion kinda place to go to. See ya soon!

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