Last week of July

Boy does time fly, not much left of summer with school starting in about 3 weeks. We wrapped up school clothes shopping but still need the boys supplies. It never stops!

Yesterday we went into town for lunch with some friends while the boys took off with their friends. We had a nice lunch and then headed home. The town was packed due to the farmers market. Today Lori starts her 9 to 5:30 work schedule, we’ll see how that goes. She still has her chest cold but not as bad as it was. Her voice is almost gone though.

This week we have a party in Aspen Thursday night, one on the backside of Aspen Mountain Saturday during the day, and one Saturday night at the Four Seasons in Vail. I know we’ll make the Thursday night party but we’ll see about the Saturday day party as Lori wants to go to the one at the Four Seasons for sure as it’s the annual goodbye party for ATC’s (interns) at the hospital. The party during the day Saturday is my favorite party of the year. It’s called the Aspen Blow Party and this is like the 40th year. You have to be invited as about 10 people who are hosts, fund the whole thing. It’s about 12,000 feet high in the mountains and there’s a cowboy band, along with a wooden dance floor they put up and great catered food. Very wealthy guys from Aspen pay for the whole thing. We’ll see if we can make it.

Ty wants Jack to come up today and spend a day or so meaning I’d need to pick him up meaning Ty would need to go down with me as I’m not driving a 13 year old up the hill alone. Not much to talk about with one of those. Both boys have to get some things together for school. It was hot yesterday but the cool mornings are great.

And here’s a picture of a good looking boy (gelding) minding his manners around all those annoying creatures called cows.

Mojo was thrilled to be home but loves his day care. I’m working out at 9 so I’d better get going. Have a great day, be safe, lots of crazies out there, and God Bless.

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