Too many people down there!

After I wrote yesterday mornings post, we packed up and went downstairs and met our friends Eddie and Lisa and their two girls, Dally and Eadie. After having some breakfast, we all loaded into our cars (or truck with a long horse trailer in their case) and headed out to their ranch in Fowler. They lease some acreage and run about 1600 head of cattle for Whole Foods. This means they have a feed lot and pasture where they graze and fatten up cows. We’ve known them for almost 10 years as Dally is now 8 and we knew them before she was born. They’re really good, hard working kids that we sort of adopted and have been helping out for years. We met years ago when they were working at our friends guest ranch in Saratoga Wyoming. They’re good cowboys and the kind of people this country was made on.

We arrived at their ranch which is basically a house in the middle of nowhere with a feedlot, a few sheds and a bunch of pick up trucks and trailers. We took them a ton of our old clothes as I said before, and a case of wine. Eddie and I were talking about ranching and grazing cows for an hour while the boys played with the 6 week old puppies and Lori played with Eadie, the 2 year old. They both took a real liking to each other. Lisa said they call her Eadie Monster as she’s at the terrible two’s. The boys were lobbying for a puppy but these are cattle dogs and need room to run. Lori was lobbying for a little girl! Ha.

Ty was going to ride a horse Eddie found for him but it had cut his leg and was really too small. Eddie didn’t realize how tall Ty was these days so he’s on the lookout for another one. Soon our visit was over and we decided to take off for Denver where we needed to stop for some school shopping. Thankfully Nordstrom had their half yearly sale going on. We did our best to help keep them in business and stopped at a few other stores as well. We splurged on a new coffee machine as ours broke down about a month ago. After that, we stopped by my Mom’s for a visit before heading up the hill for home. The traffic between Colorado Springs and Denver was unbelievable, moving no faster than 10 miles and hour for no reason, except a ton of people. The highlight of the trip was passing a lime green Lamborghini which Ty snapped a picture of out of the car window. Finally at 7, we pulled in to home.

Today we need to get Mojo at 9 am. Lori had a bad chest cold and cough all day yesterday and hopefully she’s better this morning. Other than that, we’ll take it easy today. We did talk to Dix who is doing really well in Oklahoma. That was welcome news. That’s it, take care and God Bless.

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