We’ve been here about 40 hours but it seems like days. Yesterday we hit two beaches, one of our favorite restaurants (and most of Maui’s locals and tourists too), Star Noodle, picked up the boys some snorkel gear and had king crab salads for dinner at our little home. This morning I think we’re headed up country to either the volcano or a waterfall. It’s 5:48 am now and we hope to be out the door by 7:30. I stopped by the Ritz as one of the valets, took home our boogie boards from when we were here in February and stored them in his garage. You might remember he also loaned the boys some surf boards.

It’s pretty here and your skin feels like it’s covered in coconut lotion all the time due to the humidity. Lori’s headache is nonexistent and when I asked her about it, she said when she’s home, one side is caused by Diana and the other side is caused by Sarah, which are her two high maintanence nurses. Time for another cup of coffee, sad about London, things will happen here, be ready, watch your back, especially when in crowded places, and be safe. I hate to stereotype, but I do take a second look at anyone who looks suspicious from another country or culture. Sad that you have to do that nowadays. God Bless.

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