We’re here

Finally at 11am Hawaii time, we touched down in Kahului on Maui. We didn’t check any bags, (remarkable) so we went straight to the rental car bus for the 2 minute ride to our Chevy Tahoe. Two minutes later, since we just jump in our car as I’m a Preferred Member meaning we don’t go inside or stand in line, we were at Costco. This Costco was one of the busiest I’ve ever seen! Being in Hawaii, they had lots of fresh fish and tropical fruits you don’t find back home. One sushi tray that was $20 had what would have been $100 or more of tuna in it back home. $365 later we were out the door and headed towards Lahaina to Walgreens. Lori had forgot a prescription at home so she had it called in here while we were flying.

The one thing here you have to get used to is what they call Island Time. No one, and I mean no one, is in a hurry to do anything. They drive slow, shop slow and even the Starbucks drive through took 10 minutes. I’ll get used to it but on the first day trying to get to our home away from home, it was frustrating to say the least.

20 minutes later we pulled up to our villa. We’re sitting on a hill overlooking the golf course with the ocean a few blocks away in the distance. They have these large trees here that look like giant evergreen trees in the mountains of Colorado but are different. Birds are chirping everywhere which is nice.

First up we unpacked and then headed straight for the pool for 30 minutes of sun and fun. Then after what seemed like 2 hours to take showers, we were off to Lahaina for a quick bite to eat and more groceries. We went to bed around 8pm as that was midnight at home. It’s almost 6am here and we’re sitting on one of our two patios watching the pink sunrise over the ocean. Quite the change from Colorado.

Not sure what we’re doing today as we’re taking things as they come. I’m sure we’ll be in the ocean at some point. I think deep sea fishing, parasailing (where they pull you behind a boat while you wear a parachute that takes you high up in the sky, and other activities are all in store. Lori just brought coffee out so time to run. Here’s a picture of the morning on Maui!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to what would have been like my Mom and Dad’s 100th anniverary or something!


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