On board

It’s 6:15am and we’re all on board and in the air. In about 2 hours we’ll be in San Francisco and then board for the flight to Maui. We should land around 11am Hawaii time which is like 3 in the afternoon back home. Lori had a long day at work and didn’t make it home until almost 7pm. 45 minutes later we were in the car headed for the hotel by the airport and about 5 hours of sleep before waking this morning. Everyone is tired but that’ll fade once we land in Maui. First up will be a stop at Costco for some food and supplies for the 9 days we’ll be in paradise. Thankfully it’s close to the airport. I was bumped up to First Class and offered it to Lori but she told me to go ahead and take it for the leg room. Both boys were lobbying hard for the coveted seat.

We should get to our villa and be settled in by about 2pm. We’ll probably send the boys straight to the pool while we get things set up and organized. I need to check some emails and do some work so time to run. Have a great weekend and we’ll be thinking of you all, or maybe not, as the boys have our schedule pretty full, ha. God Bless

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