Pheasant hunting

It’s a bit before 6 am and I’m taking off around 7 to go pheasant and quail hunting in Kiowa which is about an hour east of Denver. It’s a mini tradition as we’ve done it like 3 or 4 of the past 5 years. There’s four of us that go, Luke, Steve and Matt and I. Thanks to the misses for telling me to go as I was going to stay home to help her out but she insisted I go. I should be home by about 3 at the latest.

Yesterday we were at the dermatologist around 11 am getting a couple thousand dollars worth of free medical care. Then it was a quick bite to eat before heading home. The roads are fine or at least they were yesterday. Lori worked the entire day on the phone and the computer. So much for her day off. We were both lamenting how many stupid people we have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s really unbelievable.

The mountain opens on Friday so I’ll need to get the kids ski passes that morning unless Lori can run over today. We’re hoping her head gets a little better as time goes by as sometimes it takes two weeks for the steroids to work. I know one thing, they’re working on the cranky side of things. In fairness, the doctor did warn us she was going to be really pissed off and cranky for a few weeks. Truthfully though, she’s not bad at all. But then again, sometimes I play it up just a bit for fun. I gotta have a little fun with it, right?

Lori is going to cook a turkey today while I’m gone, something I know she’s not thrilled with, as she doesn’t even like turkey! Lots still going on at my work, everyday the pressure builds. That’s about it, time to get ready to go, GB.

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