Happy Thanksgiving

Lots to be thankful for today, no matter who you are. Just look around the World and be happy that you live in a Country where you have the ability to live your life as you live your life. There’s so many people in the World who have no food, shelter or the basic freedoms we take for granted, every morning they wake up. In any case, we’re all very lucky. I always tell the boys, when looking at life, it’s best to focus on the good rather than the bad. You know, you can either look at the glass half empty or half full. So be thankful for all you have, and live each day to the fullest. Now onto the day.

It’s snowing outside, hard. We’re supposed to go to Denver today but I haven’t checked the highway yet. Outside there’s 5 or 6 inches here right now. We’ll give it a go if the pass is open.

Yesterday I had a good hunt bagging a dozen or so quail. I borrowed a shotgun from Luke as I let mine go a few weeks ago as I had an offer I couldn’t refuse. I remember driving to Grand Junction from Denver a few years ago when that particular shotgun was first released. I then had it fit to me by a legendary gun maker who recently passed away. I loved that gun but in the end, it was just a gun, but boy was it a good shooter. We decided to hunt quail instead of pheasant as they’re much better eating. Meanwhile Lori was cooking what turned out to be the best turkey I’ve had in my life, bar none. It was golden brown and moist and looked like something off a television show, and she doesn’t even like turkey! She then even made homemade gravy even though I had some in the fridge from Costco. What a great meal to come home to.

Lori woke up around 5 this morning. She says it wasn’t her head but I’m not so sure as she’s never one to complain. Mojo is sleeping away at her feet dreaming about big bones or something as every now and then his right paw flickers. We have a fire going and are watching a movie. It’s now 6am. Guess I’ll go, again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all and God Bless you too.norman-rockwell-thanksgiving-freedom-from-want


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