Snow, but not enough, yet

It’s 6 am and we only have an inch or so of snow outside right now. Not sure how much the mountain received but as Lori says, it looks like the storm missed us! This is not good news, it’s November 22nd and we need snow. I think there’s another storm heading our way at then end of the week.

Lori is taking today and tomorrow off and won’t go back to work until next Monday. I was up and out the door by 7:15 am yesterday dropping her at work and then off to the grocery store. I was home by 9 and then on the phone until 11:45. Then it was off to the storage units in Eagle along with Costco. Jag went with me and before we knew it, it was 3 in the afternoon. 30 minutes later I went to pick up Lori.

Dixie is in Los Angeles with Kristin for Thanksgiving. Hope she doesn’t overdo it! She’s supposed to arrive here mid December but now Lori says we just need to suck it up and go to Hawaii. She’s probably right as we need a vacation, someplace warm, and my big 6 0 bday is coming up. Hard to believe I’ll be that old! It must be some kind of mistake. We’re checking details now such as flights and trying to find a free place, like a house or condo, to stay. The kids are all about Hawaii, who wouldn’t be? We’ll keep you posted on the dates.

It feels like a weekend even though it’s Tuesday. The referees stole another game from one team and gave it to another last night. They can’t even get the calls right when they go look at them on video replay. No wonder the NFL ratings are sinking fast. They’ve wrecked the game. I still watch the Broncos but am not the rabid fan I used to be. I think it’s supposed to snow this Sunday for the game. I do love football in the snow! That’s it, start thawing your turkey. Looks like we’re going to go to Denver to see everyone. No worry if my brother doesn’t have enough turkey as Lori doesn’t like it anyhow and I can always grab a burger. We’re also cooking one tomorrow so we have leftovers which are always the best part of the meal anyhow. We just figured we should go see everybody. GB

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