Thanksgiving Week

Here we go, the kids are off school, Lori’s Doc is in Hawaii and all my distributors and stores are super busy. It’s a mad rush until Thursday and then it’s Black Friday and then before you know it, Christmas. That doesn’t mean we don’t have lots to do. Lori and I both have a lot of work to get done and the boys have some homework and studying to do before next Monday. This coming weekend they moved the Bronco game to a night game meaning we won’t get home until around 11 or 12pm. I’m sure Lori probably won’t go now since it’s a late game so I’ll need to find some guys. It’ll be a big game as Kansas City, who we play, lost yesterday and we are both 7 and 3. I love seeing them lose. Now we just need Oakland to lose tonight!

We’re getting snow tomorrow, something like a foot! Not sure when the mountain will open but time to get our ski gear together. With that kind of snow, it could open Wednesday. Grandma Dix is buying the boys ski passes for Christmas, whoo hoo. That was a nice surprise and the boys are thrilled! I’ll need to buy them in the next couple of days with all the snow coming. We also need to get Jag some new ski pants, better do that today and get our stuff from the storage unit and get it over to our ski locker, along with our snow boots. I think we’re going pheasant and quail hunting Wednesday in Kiowa which is an hour or so east of Denver. It’s kind of a tradition the day before Thanksgiving, but we’ll see how much snow we get.

That’s it for the day, hope all’s well. For fun, let’s all share our favorite Thanksgiving recipe or if you can’t do that, how about a memory. If you don’t know how to comment, give us a call and I’ll post it for you, Take care and God Bless you all.


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