Emma’s Party

Today in Denver is Ty’s classmate Emma’s bat mitzvah. It’s at a temple near the University of Denver and then they rented out the entire facility where they have the National Rugby Championships each year over in Cherry Creek. Now Emma is Ty’s age, 12, but there are over 400 people coming! Should be quite the event.

First up we need to get Ty new soccer shoes and shin guards and we need to stop at a few other places while in town. We’re trying to make it to Grandma’s as I said I’d bring the boys by but I wasn’t really thinking as Jag isn’t coming down. He’s staying home with Mojo. We’ll go to the ceremony at 4:30 and then take Ty and his friend Warner (who moved back to Washington D.C. but is on a plane alone right now to come to the party) to the party. Then Lori and I will go to the Bronco game and go back and get Ty and Warner by 11pm. I have two rooms at the Marriott in Cherry Creek, one for Ty and Warner and one for Lori and I. Warner’s flight back to D.C. is at 10am in the morning so a driver will pick him up around 7am tomorrow and we’ll be on the road early back to Vail. So it’ll be a whirlwind trip but I think every kid in the 7th grade is going except one 0r two. The family is one of the nicest there is and extremely well off so I’m sure it’ll be over the top. Just serving dinner for 400 plus people is a chore in itself. It’s also be our first bat mitzvah.

It’s nice and cool up here, just how we like it. I managed to get my computer work done yesterday and Lori worked again until around 7pm. Both boys had a good first week at school. Jag starts Club Basketball (a private invitation only league) Monday and practices are Monday and Wednesday from 7 until 9:15pm. So after school from 3:30 until a little after 5 he has cross country and then will head home for a bit before basketball. Ty has soccer everyday but Wednesday after school from about 4 until 6 so we’ll be doing lots of driving and need to find some parents to carpool with.

I need to get to the gym before we head down the hill so I’d better run. Lots to do, hope you all are doing well, it’s in the 30’s up here which for August is cool. Take care and God Bless.


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