The Bat Mitzvah

Good morning! Here are two pictures from yesterday’s extravaganza. We are headed home, so we’ll write the blog in 2 hours.

Ok, 10am, we’re home. As Lori said, it was quite the affair. We made it to the Temple (Jewish for church sort of), about 3:45 as Warner (Ty’s friend who moved to D.C.) was dropped off by his driver from the airport. There were probably 400 people there and the ceremony was very interesting and educational. Emma, who is 13, basically ran the service. She read in english and hebrew and has been studying with a teacher for over a year. The Rabbi was funny and entertaining and kept things real. After the service, we all went into a large room where a reception was held. Besides great food and drinks, there were all kinds activities for the kids. They must have had 8 tables set up like Las Vegas. There were blackjack tables, roulette and other games. Ty and a few buddies sat down at a blackjack table where the dealer handed out $1000 in chips to each kid. 30 minutes later, Ty had $50,000! Now only if it was real money. There were also other things to do, too numerous to list. After about an hour or so, everyone headed out for Infinity Park in Cherry Creek. You can see the room below. The kids were all up front at long tables while the parents all sat at assigned tables throughout the room. There was a DJ complete with a stage, concert style lighting and 6 dancers leading the kids and later, the adults in dancing, on a huge dance floor.

The food was amazing. Matsushita, the World famous sushi restaurant chain from New York, catered one station all night long. There was also an Italian station, and then a steak (tenderloins) and salmon station, and that was just for the adults. For the kids, they had a taco station, sushi also, and and a hamburger (slider) station as well.  Once that was over, the desserts were amazing, assorted milkshakes in mini glass old fashioned milk bottles, fresh chocolate and cherry crepes, cake and more. Definitely over the top. We can fast for a week!

All the while there were giant video screens on all four sides of the room playing family pictures since the kids were born up until now. Emma has a sister in Jag’s grade and a brother a year or two ahead of him. They of course all were there and a bunch of older kids from school. Lots of girls from Jag’s class but no boys, as they decided to stay home.

We sat with Ty’s theater coach and we learned two days ago, that after the auditions, he was chosen to play Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! Mr. Jones, the theater director, said Ty is just fantastic and he never knew him until Ty came up to him in the hall one day, stuck out his hand, shook Mr. Jones’s hand and introduced himself. Now theater up here is a big deal and even though some of the other kids are quite seasoned, he’s sure Ty will do great as he said Ty had no fear during the audition. We also learned that apparently no less than 6 girls have a huge crush on Jag, some even older girls! I guess on the camping trip, one of the teachers had to kick three senior girls out of Jag and two other boys tent one night, ha ha. It was all innocent but apparently, according to the teachers, there’s even some boys in 10th, 11th and 12th, that in the teacher’s words, “hate your kid”, as the girls all like him, too funny. It’s all harmless so far, but look out in the coming years. Who knew, as Ty says, that Jagger is such a ladies man!

We made it back to our hotel by 11. We were going to go to the pre-season game and leave Ty and Warner at the party, but ended up staying. I did call a buddy at the last minute, who came and used the tickets. After all, it was only pre-season and it was really good we stayed and bonded with a bunch of the parents from school.

This morning we woke up at 6am, showered and had breakfast and then Warner’s driver picked him up to take him to the airport for his 10am flight back to D.C. We then headed up the hill and after a couple of stops, (coffee and groceries), were home by 10. Lots of cleaning to do now so time to run, hope all’s well, God Bless.

p.s. doesn’t Ty look grown up all dressed up! All the parents said how Lori and I sure make great looking kids! I know, I know, it’s all Lori!

image image

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