Well last night when Lori was leaving work around 7pm, she walked outside to snow! I went to the gym around 6pm for an evening workout and it was raining and cool but no snow. When I was barbecuing around 7:30, and holding an umbrella over the bbq in the rain, it had cooled off. The rain was pelting me in the face and I felt it on my bare legs as I was in shorts, but it didn’t snow. So anyhow, snow’s a coming, it won’t be long. We’re supposed to get a bit of a warm up next week which is fine with me as I’m hunting but a little weather is ok too. I’d much rather have snow than rain though, any day of the week. Especially as when it rains up here in the Fall, it’s just as cold as snow, only a lot wetter. Oh well, I love 4 seasons, it’s part of life, so bring it on!

The first day of school went well. Both boys like their teachers for the most part. There’s always one or two that they’d rather not have. I dropped them at 7:50 and was in Denver getting my truck serviced by a little after 9. I left town around 11:30 and was back up in the mountains by 1pm.

Today I have a couple important emails I have to get done. I’ve been so busy that I keep putting them off. Today I absolutely have to do them. Guess I’ll run, have a good day and weekend. GB

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