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20160822_075004, 1st day of schoolI picked up both boys yesterday around 3;30pm. They were tired, wet and ready to come home. Both had lots of fun. Ty rappelled 70 feet down a rock face and Jagger paddle boarded down the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon. While some may consider this “just fun” there is a reason for the orientation trips. Having them at the beginning of the school year builds comradery between the students and teaches them how to work together to accomplish a common goal. When you’re a kid and you’re soaking wet trying to set up a tent in the rain and make something to eat, it doesn’t matter if you’re one of the cool kids or one of the jocks or something else, you’re all just wet and hungry! So, good stuff. Today, actual studies begin so time to get moving.

Lori has to be at work at 7 for a meeting. She received a great email from the head of the clinic yesterday that complimented her for being such a credit to the clinic. She sent it on to Dr.C who replied that Dan (who sent the email) knows quality when he sees it! That makes it just a little easier to wake up early in the morning.

I’m so disgusted with politics and frankly with the American public for even considering voting for Hill. It just proves my point that a slow drip desensitizes people. If my dad, grandparents, or anyone no longer with us, magically came back and saw what was going on, I have to believe they’d be in shock. I’ll leave it at that as no point in getting worked up over it.

I need to run down the hill to have my truck serviced today. I’ve drove like 6000 miles in the last 3 months! Yesterday I was in Buena Vista at the range and am all sighted in and good to go out to 600 yards. It rained a bit on the way but was dry when I arrived and meet my hunting buddy.

There was a good amount of snow on the peaks above about 13,000 feet. I passed no less than 10 mountains over 14,000 feet on my way. Weather and the big country up here just makes you feel alive. Every day I’m in awe of the beauty and massiveness of the mountains and feel real lucky to be living up here.

It’s 6:11 so time to get the kids up, here we go, another year. We still cannot believe Jag is in High School and Ty is in Junior High, unbelievable. Enjoy your day, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Aw the boys are so cute or handsome or whatever they want to be called these days! You drove 6ooo miles in 3 months OMG – I drive 5ooo a year. Totally different lifestyles we have, but we def have the same opinion about politics. I hate to say this but I am
    embarrassed by our country! I do believe all the others laugh at us and think we are a joke – to put it nicely!

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