A little weather

Last night I’m sure both boys encountered some weather as it rained up here during the night. That’s good news as it’ll help build character and make them respect the mountains in which we live. It’s easy to camp in nice, sunny, warm weather. Try camping in the rain and colder temperatures, it’s not all fun and games.

Both boys arrive home around 3pm today. It’s 4:49 now and I’m off to the 1000 yard shooting range in Buena Vista this morning where I’ll meet my hunting buddy from Denver. First up though is another trip to the gym at 6.

Looks like Hillary is trying to laugh off the latest round of emails that were just released. Turns out that over half of the people she met while Secretary of State gave money to the Clinton Foundation. Yet she laughs and says that there was no pay to play. Even if there wasn’t, she sure was selling her time, but then again you’d have to be pretty stupid not to believe that something fishy was going on. One donor yesterday said he gave to her to donate to the Red Cross. If true, why then wouldn’t you just write a check to the Red Cross instead of giving it to Hill and Bill? We are in real trouble people, wake up before it’s too late.

Also did you see the some parents want to opt their kids out of saying the Pledge of Allegiance? And what about the refugees suing as they didn’t get as good of an education as they wanted. Or wait, black people wanting reparations for slavery, (that’s an old one but still stupid)

Lori needs to be at the office at 7am today. Her doc made it back from testifying in Denver around 1pm but she told him not to come into the office and sent him straight home to get some rest.

There was a big earthquake in Italy last night but not near any of our estates or friends. Hope everyone is ok. Guess I’ll run, it’s getting crazy out there people, locally and nationally. I won’t go into details but you’d better get prepared as life as you know it is changing daily, it’s just a slow drip so you probably aren’t noticing so much. If you stop and take a hard look, it’s pretty alarming what’s going on in our, cities, States, Country and World. Hold on as it’s not going to get any better anytime soon. I’m afraid we’re in for a big correction. God Bless.


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