The Harvest Festival

Yesterday after Field Day the boys decided they wanted to go into town to meet up with some friends who I think were all girls. Ty went along as the only 6th grader. First they had to come home and take showers to try to get all the silver glitter out of their hair as they were the silver team. This didn’t really work as glitter is still all over them and now their sheets.

They were going to stay in town and Kelly (Ethan’s Mom) and Dad were coming in around 6:30 for the Leukemia Walk through the town. After that they were going to go to a restaurant for dinner before coming home.

Meanwhile in Eagle Vail, a few miles west, Lori and I were headed off to the Harvest Festival which is an annual benefit another school. I’ve worked this event for a number of years pouring wine but this year the distributors salesman poured for me so we decided to just get some tickets and go to support my wines and the school. I picked up 4 tickets and we took Mike and Sue with us. We arrived around 6:30 and instantly knew lots of people. All the top restaurants in town were serving small plates and then there were about 20 tables all serving a bunch of different wines. They had a band and you walked around trying all the wines and food. Lori actually knew more people than I did from work. They had a raffle and I bought 3 tickets as I’m pretty lucky at those type of things. Well wouldn’t you know it, when they started drawing tickets, I won! I won a $50 gift certificate to a mexican restaurant in Beaver Creek. By 8 pm we decided to leave for home as we don’t really drink all that much anymore. We made it home 10 minutes later, as everything up here is so close, and watched a little tv until the boys were dropped off at 9:30.

Today we have soccer at 9 am and then Jag is going to a bar mitzvah at the Grand Hyatt from 3 until 10pm. I think I’m taking the boys paddle boarding after soccer but we’ll see. We thought Ty’s friend was coming up for the weekend but found out that’s next weekend. We’d love to bomb down to Denver today for Lori to get her hair done but didn’t plan it as we thought Ty’s friend was up here. We’ll see, hope all’s well, take care and God Bless.

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