Soccer, a hike and a bar mitzvah

First up was the weekly soccer game where a few minutes in, the sprinklers went on over about half of the field. This was a shock but only stopped the game for a few minutes as the boys played anyhow with sprinklers going full force. Every few minutes the kids would run right through them chasing the ball. They just had to ignore them and play on. There were a few missed kicks when the ball would go into a puddle.

After that Lori and I and Mojo took a long hike up the mountain to Lionshead. This was pretty steep and was a good workout. Next up was getting Jag ready for the 3pm bar mitzvah. All the kids had to be at the church in Vail by 2:45 and then after the 2 hour service, a bus took them all to the Hyatt in Beaver Creek where they ate and partied until a bit after 10pm. Ethan’s parents drove him home around 10:30.

After we dropped him off, the three of us went down valley to Costco. Today we’re running over to Aspen to go to lunch with Billie and Greg, I think up at the Mountain Club which is on top of Aspen Mountain. That’s about it, it’s 8:20 in the morning as we decided to sleep in. It sure is beautiful up here with all the trees turning colors. I’m sure we’ll see more spectacular scenery while driving over to Aspen.

That’s about it, hope all’s well, take care and God Bless.

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