Yup, thank God it’s Friday. Today the boys have community service in the morning and they are both on the same team. They’re going to the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens where they’ll be gardening until noon. Then the whole school has Field Day where they compete in teams against each other. Lori I think is taking the afternoon off to come and watch Field Day.

I had a headache most of the night as when we sleep with the windows open, the pollen from all the grass on the hills must come through the window and make my allergies (which I never had until I met Lori) act up.

Ty’s friend Scott from Denver is up here in Vail with his family for the weekend so Mr. Ty will be in full on play mode. I gave Mojo a bone yesterday so he drank a lot of water which means he was going to pee a lot which means I woke up to pee in the garage. That’s always a fun way to start off the morning.

Today I have a bunch of computer work to do and am going to try to insulate the windows this weekend. There’s something else going on but I can’t remember what it is right now.

Guess I’ll run, hope all’s well with everyone. It’s still nice up here but sooner than later all of a sudden it’s going to probably get real cold. I think once the snow arrives, it’ll be here for 5 months or so, so we’re getting ready for that. Take care, God Bless.

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