Our own bed

Yesterday our bed from Denver finally made it up here. It’s just a little bit softer than the one we have now but that makes a big difference. I bombed down and up the hill to the house to clean the master bedroom and was back in the mountains by 11:30 am. Hopefully I won’t be going again until next week. I have a tasting in Denver on Thursday the 1st but will see if I go down. I do need to have my car serviced next Tuesday. I’m also planning, or should I say visualizing, that our house will sell by the end of next week. At this point I’ll try anything!

It’s 5:43 am and Mojo and I are the only ones up. The stars are so bright outside as the sky is so dark. When you get away from city lights, the night sky is really amazing. Wake up early sometime and go outside, especially if you’re away from the city.

The boys are fine and so is Lori. The Pope’s here in the U.S. and is hard to miss as he’s all over tv. Not really a big Pope fan but then again I’m not catholic. This Pope is the 1st Pope that wasn’t born in Europe in over 1000 years. He’s quite political which is good and bad depending on what he says. The White House yesterday compared our Pres to the Pope, wow. If you study history you know the Roman Catholic Church and most Pope’s in history were pretty nefarious characters. Some still question the motives of the Church. Lorenzo, our partner from Italy isn’t a fan at all. Oh well, after all, in the end, the Pope is just a man like the rest of us. However if he gives people hope and strengthens their faith, then I have no problem with him. We all know, one thing everyone needs is hope and faith, and not not the kind Obama professes to spread.

Guess I’ll run as I’m drifting into politics, can anyone say Hillary, emails, and lies? Sounds like a movie. Take care and God Bless.

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