Total blackout

Yesterday was a busy one, once again. I made it back from Denver by 1 in the afternoon and began to work on things around the house. Harry made it up from Denver around 4 on his way back to California from Denver. He stayed and visited until a bit before 7pm. We fed him dinner and he took off trying to get to Green River Utah to spend the night.

Within an hour after he left, all of a sudden the power went out. Lori immediately said “the whole town is out”. I looked out the deck and sure enough, the whole valley and town was pitch black. For a brief moment I thought EMP or electro magnetic pulse. Luckily it all came on in a few minutes as back up generators must have kicked in. Imagine life with no power, not good.

Last night Tommy was kind enough to let the movers into our house so they could pick up our bed which will be delivered today. We just paid it off and it’s much more comfortable than the one up here. Bad news is I have to bomb back down to Denver to clean up the master bedroom so if people do look at the house, that room is not a mess. You know how much dirt and dust gathers under beds. Hopefully I’m back up by 11 am. Not that it really matters as it looks like it’ll be a while before our house sells. Guess we have different taste than most people.

Think I’ll run as I need to get moving. I’m finally getting tired of making the Denver drive, mostly due to construction. Lori and the kids are fine, hope you all are too, God Bless.

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