Time is flying, 3 months and 2 days until Christmas Eve. You all better start thinking what you want from Santa! Up here our priorities have changed. We need things that are more practical like ski gear and passes, snow boots, and more of the such. I think the kids are in between toys and clothes so not sure what to buy them. I’m sure some video games will somehow make their way to our house.

The fall colors up here will probably peak in a week or so. I’m driving to Denver today to get Jag his bass clarinet for music class and will see my good friend Harry who is in town but leaving this morning for home in Colfax California. That’s close to Grandma Dixie, too bad we don’t have anything to send her way.

It’s 5:51 and everyone is sleeping. I think Jag has a super light day and is actually staying home to work on some projects. Lori has clinic which is always a busy day. I should be back up here by noon and then will insulate some windows with the insulation I bought yesterday at Home Depot. Looks like we avoided a mess in the kitchen as we caught the water early enough to prevent any damage. I let it dry out most of the day and the lights are fine and it appears to be dry in the ceiling. Thank God for that!

Guess I’ll run so I can get on the road, hope all’s well, God Bless.

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