Baseball and a facial

We made it to Denver by 8:30 and soon Ty was off to Ben’s, Jag and I to baseball and Lori to our friends spa. Mom loaned Lori her car as she needed one to drive downtown. Jag and I made it to baseball by 9:15 and we warmed Jag up for the game. That kid is throwing twice as hard as he did even 3 months ago! My hand is bruised from a few throws I caught the wrong way. Anyhow the game started and the team was thrilled to have Jag. They put him at 2nd base which I don’t think he’s ever played but he stepped right in and made some plays. He also made it to base once and scored in a 9 to 1 game that was called after the 5th inning. The other team wasn’t happy they called the game but that’s the rules after 5 innings.

Jag’s knee was sore from jumping on the trampoline the night before. Trampolines are just no good whatsoever. We then headed over to my Mom’s after picking up some hamburgers. We ate lunch waiting for Lori to get back and then headed up about an hour later for the hills. We made it home by about 3:30 and started to get ready for the week.

Today I’m going to get some insulation for the garage windows and Jag’s windows in the basement as when the cold comes, we’ll need it. Tomorrow I’m off to Denver again as the music store called and they now have a bass clarinet for us to rent. The Packers beat the Seahawks last night which makes everyone in our family happy.

I just had to jump up as water was pouring out of a light fixture from the kitchen ceiling! Turns out Ty was taking a bath, filled the tub too full and then got in making it overflow! It looked like a movie. Thankfully Lori was standing right there and saw it. We hope it’ll just dry out but we have the lights turned off now, super. So time to run, it never stops, God Bless.

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