Allergies and carpet

Man I have a headache almost every night due to allergies. I must have picked these up from Lori as I never was allergic to anything before I met her. Anyhow time to whip out the Claritin. Today we’re having the long anticipated carpet installed in the basement. It’s been a long time coming and hopefully by 2pm it’ll be finished. Yesterday they did some prep work to get ready. It’ll be nice when it’s all done.

The kids were off early yesterday and then we had baseball practice from 4 until 6pm. Tomorrow Ty is off around 11am and then Jag at 2:20. Then next week they have Friday off and on it goes. Without all these days off they would probably be out of school by now!

Next Thursday the topper is getting installed on our pickup. I ordered this about 6 weeks ago and it’s finally in. Not the best timing as yes that’ll cost money too. The carpet thing kind of set me back a bit.

Tomorrow is our first of 6 baseball games at 5:30. Jagger has a new bat we ordered on the 15th as his is too short and we hope it arrives. You won’t believe this but baseball bats run $300 to $400! I managed to get his for $249 on line but come on, $250 for a baseball bat?

Guess I’ll run so I’ll stop thinking of all the bills and expenses I have. It’s just part of everyday life. I always say, every morning you get out of bed it costs $500, and that’s in addition to the fixed expenses like your home, cars, power, water, insurance of all kinds (I hate insurance, homeowners, car, medical, etc.) and stuff. Thank God we have pretty good jobs. I don’t know how some family’s make it. Take care and God Bless.

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