Carpet looks good

Amazing how much carpet can change a room, it looks pretty good. Lori and Ty made it home from work around 5 or so. It was “take your kid to work day” at school so he went with Mom. Today he’s off at 11am and Jag at 2:20. First up I need to get the the gym (in a few minutes) and then to the distributor and then have a call at 10am. Our baseball game is at 5:00pm meaning we’re supposed to be there at 4! Then tomorrow morning we have a game at 9am.

Last night Jag went back to school from 5:45 until 8pm to be a greeter for the incoming class of 7th graders next year. It’s part of being in Student Council.

We also need to rent a storage unit this weekend to get the junk we want to keep, out of the house. Hopefully we’ll get both baseball games in around the rain that’s supposed to be here tonight and tomorrow.It’s 5:24am now and I have to get to the gym now or it’ll never happen today so time to go! Have a great weekend and God Bless.

(you know saying that in certain countries will get you killed!)

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