Half day for the kids

They’re out early again, Ty at 12:15 and Jag at 12:25. Not sure why, I quit asking a long time ago. Then on Friday Jag’s out a little early and on May 1st, they have no school. It’d sure be nice to be a kid again.

Lori’s working away at work and so am I. I have another quarterly review at 9am and should be done by hopefully 11:30. Tomorrow I have my last two also in the morning.

Baseball practice is back at 4pm and then we have games Friday night, Saturday morning, Monday night, Thursday night and Friday night and next Saturday too. That means we have Sunday and Wednesday off and that’s it. 6 games in 8 days, wow.

Today is Earth Day just so you know. Time to run as we need to clean more in the basement for the carpet guy. Have a great day, God Bless.

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