Off to Vail

This morning at 6am I’m leaving for Vail. I need to do a few things up there as we haven’t been up in a while. I’ll be going to the DMV to get license plates for Lori’s car, returning the boys snowboard boots that we rented for the season and stop and see a key account. I should be back in Denver by 11am.

Last night we had baseball practice while Ty was at the Science Fair with Vinny. Mom (Lori) showed up to cheer him on and then they stayed until 8pm as there was a cake auction to support the school or something. All I know is Ty came home with a red velvet cake.

Tomorrow the boys are out early and then again on Friday. Something to do with more needless testing. We also have the carpet guys coming in to prep tomorrow and then will install the carpet Thursday. The kitchen looks good, Lori did a great job.

It’s 5:03 now so guess I’ll get moving so I can get on the road. The tunnel (Eisenhower) is closed until 6:30 so I don’t want to leave too early. Hope all’s well, God Bless.

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