Flight delays, stuffy nose and a bad back

Here we go, Kristin’s flight was cancelled last night so she’ll now arrive at 9:10am, someone gave me a cold and on top of that, and I threw my back out cleaning up the house yesterday. We’re supposed to go to Vail for a party tomorrow but I’m not so sure. In any case, we’ll have fun with Kristin here.

Yesterday Lori was at the office for most of the day. Meanwhile the boys and I were home and at a few stores returning a few items and exchanging others. The mall was not all that crowded at 10am which surprised us since it opened at 8am. After a quick stop at the grocery store for much needed staples including milk and eggs, we were home by 11.

It’s 7:21 and Lori thankfully got up with the dog a couple of times as I couldn’t do it with my back. The boys are still sleeping and we, or she, needs to leave for the airport in an hour. I just don’t think I can ride in the car for an hour but we’ll see.

Hope everyone is well and is looking forward to New Years. We always stay home and go to sleep early but love the New Year as it’s a new beginning. To us, its amateur night and nothing really good happens on the streets. Lori just reminded me that its trash day so we both hauled out giant bags of trash to the curb which didn’t help my back.

Time to run, have a great day and God Bless

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