Kristin’s here!

We headed to the airport to pick up Kristin and Grace (her rescue dog) about 8:45am. Lori ran into baggage claim and it didn’t take long for her to find them. We made it home a bit after 10 in the morning and settled in. The girls decided to go for a pedicure at 12:30 so Gracie (the little dog) stayed with the me and the boys and soon fell asleep under a table. Lacey could care less about our 4 legged house guest but we think Mojo would just as soon eat her as look at her. I had him in and he sniffed and they both growled a bit but then put him out with a treat. No point in taking any chances with my bad back.

We’re skipping the drive to the party in Vail tonight as it’d kill my back. It’s too bad as it’ll be a fun one. The three of us and the Harris’s are going to dinner instead. I keep losing track of what day it is, not the date, but the day as it seems out of whack having Christmas on a Wednesday. Lacey finally slept in until 6am when I woke up or I just didn’t hear her, not sure which one.

Today the girls are going to get a manicure. Lori has a gift card from our friends spa so it’s free but I think they just like getting out to chat, good for them. Kristin says to tell everyone hi. Hope you are all doing well, take care and God Bless.

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