It’s over

What a big day, it comes so fast and then poof, it’s over. You had a taste of our day in yesterday’s post before we went to Grandma’s. After festivities here, Jag and I washed and fueled up the car before loading up Ty and Lori for the 30 second trip. We arrived and had a quick bite to eat before opening some gifts. A couple hours later we were all done. I took our gifts home before heading back to pick up Aunt Shelly and her gifts to give her a ride home downtown.

Jag came with me and when we arrived a shady looking guy ran out from her government subsidised building and begged to help carry something in exchange for some money. I thought Shelly knew him from the building where he too lived but she didn’t. Anyhow, he carried one small package talking all the time about how he needed some money. I gave him a buck and sent him on his way. Jagger didn’t like the building at all. It smelled like cigarette smoke, there were destitute people, some intoxicated, sitting in the lobby, and Shelly’s room, kitchen, bathroom and all, is not much larger than Jag’s room. It is basically a welfare building where you have to be at a certain income (or lack of) level to qualify to live there. It was good for him to see something different from everyone living their idilic life in the suburbs. I told him this is why he needs to work so hard in school. Basically the work he puts in over the next 10 years will determine how the next 75 years of his life will play out. We’ve said to work hard in school and why before but I think this little trip really hit home!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up a bit while the boys played with all their new toys and games. Today we’ll clean up some more as Auntie Kristin arrives tonight. Lori and I are a little tired as Lacey woke us up at 11:00, 1:37, 3:15, 5:00 and then at 7am! Each time she wanted to go out or have some food. She’s old and I get that but this will stop! We are not feeding her all night on command or letting her out every other hour. She might end up in a crate in the mud room or garage if I can’t figure anything else out. I’m trying the citrus collar but not sure that’ll do much, anyhow if it wasn’t Christmas, she might be in a kennel somewhere other than here.

Oh well, it’s only sleep right, takes care and God Bless.

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