Merry Christmas!

The boys slept in until just before 7 which is pretty darn good. I woke up, courtesy of Lacey the Lab, at 5 but managed to get back to sleep. Christmas is in full swing but first to last night.

I picked up our meal yesterday morning and ran a bunch of other errands and by the time it was through I had drove 150 miles! Fast forward to 5pm and Grandma was already here. She, uncharacteristically, was 10 to 15 minutes early. Uncle T and Aunt Ali showed up right at 5. Our goose which was already cooked, supposedly only needed to be warmed up. This didn’t work to well and I eventually de-boned the bird to warm up the meat. Finally we had the food plated and I thought it was good. I think my Mom enjoyed it but Aunt Ali not so much. Of course her and Uncle T were still getting over the crud. Soon Aunt Ali left to get some more rest for today and Uncle T was gracious enough to follow my Mom home to make sure she was in her house ok. We then settled down and were all asleep my 9 or so.

Christmas morning, the boys came down and Jag had a brand new guitar sitting on the couch! He has wanted to take lessons but needed a guitar so Santa must have known. It’s a nice one too! Not the kids type guitar but a real one he can learn on. Mr Ty found a giant Lego, one of many he had asked for. That’s where we’re at now, more to come. Oh wait, Auntie Kristin sent packages that arrived yesterday for both boys that had Dr Dre Beats headphones and I Tunes cards, what a gift, she’s always so good to the boys. We’re looking forward to her arrival tomorrow.

Ok, round 1 is over, meaning our house. Soon we’ll be up at Grandma’s. The boys received Lego’s, some dreaded underwear, Ty got a Casio G Shock watch, and Jag some new slippers and both some PS3 games. Lori opened some new sunglasses, pajama’s, a coat and a brush for washing her face. I too got some headphones and new iron rifle sights I really really wanted. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas. Of course tomorrow we’ll hit the stores to exchange things for the right sizes and return anything anyone is not 100% happy happy happy with. Money is too tight to keep something unless you really love it!

In closing, let’s remember though what Christmas is all about. You see it has nothing to do with gifts but rather with the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s a time to reflect on all the blessings we have in life, like Lori being headache free, yea!! Like all of us being healthy, like all of us having a roof over our heads and on and on. So from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas, and know we love you all very much and wish we could be with each and every one of you on this glorious day, God Bless.

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