Back at it

Yesterday was pretty much the same as the day before for the misses. She’s still sore and we try to keep her in her chair staying quiet and not doing much. The medical bills are coming in already, we have a few 5 figure surprises that arrived yesterday that were not covered by insurance as they consider the tests as diagnostic, super. I’m cooking, cleaning, washing and doing whatever else needs to be done like running here and there. I feel like Cinderella before she turned into well, Cinderella.

The damn dog, Lacey, woke Lori up I think around 5 as when Ty and I got up, she said she’d already fed the dogs. She’s still sleeping in Ty’s room as any little movement in the bed by anyone will hurt her neck.

We continued eating Mrs Rossi’s chicken soup yesterday but I think Lori is still only getting the broth down. I have to try to get some hard food in her today or else make her a bunch of protein shakes.

I also need to run to the distributor, go to an account and then have physical therapy at 3pm. Ben the neighbor kid will be spending the day with us again so his dad can go to work. Three is not really a whole lot worse than two although they do get in a fight every now and then.

Here’s a comment from Aunt Robi, Robi says:

So glad all went well for the misses. Mister, you are one great husband and dad! Did the boys get their turkey hats?

I don’t know about me being so great, I mean I’m good looking and all but great might be stretching it a bit, not much but maybe a tiny bit.

The turkey hats are great, we’ll get pictures up soon, take care and God Bless.

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