The day before

I woke up early with what I thought was Lacey barking but it must have just been in my head. She barks so much early in the morning, she has me conditioned I guess. Anyhow about 30 minutes later she barked for real. I had no place to put her as Ty and Ben were sleeping downstairs, Mojo was in his crate and Jag in his room. So I hustled her upstairs to our room where Lori and I were sleeping. Lori slept in her own bed last night as we knew Ty was going to be downstairs with Ben.

I was here, there, and everywhere yesterday, finally getting home around 4pm. I did make it to physical therapy and hopefully my knee will be ok. Apparently I did too much and the I T ligament tightened up. Danielle, my 20 something PT girl, really knows her stuff and has me back on the right track, I think. I made the mistake of going to another girl down there when I couldn’t get in to see her. Danielle or Brad are about the only two to go to. Lori has seem Brad before and we’ll make sure when she’s ready for PT, she goes to one of them.

I need to get running as I should be leaving for the warehouse in 18 minutes and haven’t showered yet. I’m cooking a turkey even though Lori probably won’t eat much but I’m hoping the boys will. I also ordered a couple of pies from Dino’s Italian Restaurant where I worked as a kid when I was 14 years old, they used to work me double shifts or 16 hours in a row! How times have changed. Anyhow they have pre-orders for about 300 pies as they do a really good job making them from scratch. Looks like we’ll just be having turkey and pie!

Ty has a birthday party today from 1 to 3 at the trampoline place. I need to coordinate with another dad to see who’ll drive, who picks up and/or who might stay. We don’t trust the supervision there, you might remember that’s where Jag was sucker punched from behind by a 14 year old after sticking up for his friend.

Time to run, I’m late (now have 9 minutes to shower and get out the door) and have to go. I also woke up remembering I forgot to pay a freaking American Express bill due on the 21st, super. Hope I don’t get in trouble with them as we live off of those cards. I’m disappointed in myself as I never am late on a payment, I just flat out forgot!

God Bless.

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