Resting at home

Well it was a heartbreaking loss for the Broncos after a punt by the Patriots hit one of our guys accidentally in overtime and then they kicked a cheap field goal. That’s football, at least Kansas City lost.

I woke up and cleaned the house and kitchen and moved the big chair into the tv room where the misses could park her skinny little self (a by product of not being able to swallow) for the day. She’s doing ok but is understandably in pain. Good news is that it’s mostly neck pain and not her head! She did get a shower in after we switched collars and felt better after doing so. I managed to get all the laundry done (4 loads), went to the grocery store, washed the car, cleaned up the house and made some soup. A big thank you to Mrs. Rossi across the street who made a giant pot of the best chicken soup you’ve ever had. She’s italian and must be in her 80’s and the soup was unbelievable. The misses friend Rachael also showed up with two pans of enchilada’s and stuff including home made minestrone, cookies (super) and salsa. Thank you thank you to them as it’s a big help to me. So now we have 3 kinds of soup in the garage, thankfully it’s cold. I went to Dino’s Italian restaurant and picked up some home made spumoni ice cream for the misses which is what she was craving. She’s still not swallowing all that well which is to be expected.

Ty has been sleeping with me with Lori in Ty’s bed. It’s actually not that bad with only two of us. Today Ty has DI at 9 and I have lots of calls scheduled that I’ll need to stop and start to take him and pick him up as Lori cannot drive. On top of it all, I think I tore something in my knee that I had fixed. It’s weak like before I had it fixed when I move a certain way, I can just tell I jacked it up somehow, I’m so freakin pissed as I probably need surgery again. It’s my own fault for doing too much. I’ll have to wait until Lori gets better before thinking about getting me fixed again, super.

I think we have Ben the neighbor with us all day and maybe for the next 3 days as his Mom and older brother still have school but Ben is in our boys school district and has the week off. His dad took all the boys to the new Hunger Games movie yesterday which was a nice break. I need to get running as I’m sure I have 500 emails, bills to go through to decide pay now, pay later, and try to get into physical therapy for my knee to get some relief.

Take care and God Bless, (parents should have the whole week off too!)

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